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    Hello, welcome to Shanghai Weilun Valve Group Co.,Ltd! 中文版 | English
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     About Us

    With a long history and sufficient experience in the supply of valves, Weilun has a good position among leading valve manufactures. Customers choose us because of our high-quality products and professional services, and our constant pursuing after:

    QUALITY, based on our design capability and quality management system, comply with the standards strictly.
    SUPPLY, efficient production system,perfect production management mode, fast and accurate delivery.
    SERVICE, reliable sales service system and timely response.
    EXPERIENCE, based on the accumulated experience from the acknowledgement of customer’s on-site service, meeting the customers’ requirement with high standard.
    TRACEABILITY, each valve has its own valve ID when releasing, every valve ID can trace its born and growing process.
    PROJECT MANAGEMENT, based on our long term experience providing products for many engineering projects, what we provide is not just valves but also full-process project management and document control which can meet engineering class customer’s requirements.


    About Us
    About Us
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    Add:26th Floor, Zhongguancun Science and Technology Building, No. 2911 North Zhongshan Road ,Putuo District, Shanghai, China.
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